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Over a span of 45 years I have built hundreds of early Canadian style pine furniture pieces. I now find I am developing an interest in three new styles.

  1. A more contemporary look
  2. A mid century modern
  3. A retro look of the 50s and 60s

I have included photos of 7 new pieces. View

The 2 side tables are a more contemporary look with a combination of paint and stain, very different from my usual.
The mid century modern look of the small red and yellow side tables were fun to build as well as a challenge to design and build.

The retro look of the bright red credenza and the multi coloured stained tv credenza are also a definite change from my usual.

I particularly enjoyed working with the bright red paint which was Tremclad’s “fire red”. The multi coloured TV crendza is made from pine from Chile giving it that bold grain pattern.

With most pieces it is pleasurable to stand back and view the finished product.As you might expect some pieces are more pleasing than others, but all in all I have been happy with my occupation of 45 years +.

Best wishes Ross Colby

Maybe you long for a new dining room set, but just the right one seems elusive. Or perhaps there’s a spot in your hallway begging for a table that’s narrower than most out there. Or it could be a new bed you’re after, or dresser, or Windsor chair, or telephone table, or … or … or …

When only the right piece of fine wood furniture will do, Ross Colby is the craftsman who can translate your vision into reality.

Beyond carpentry to artistry!

For 40 years, Ross has been designing and building superb pine furniture items in a variety of styles. In addition to ready-made pieces, Ross accepts commissions for custom requests.

He personally consults with each client to ensure that the design is right, and he builds the items himself in his one-person shop. Select a traditional stain or choose from a number of vintage finishes. Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with personalized service and individual attention from a craftsman with an impeccable track record for excellence.


  • The sizes quoted for the items pictured are for those specific pieces. These can be made to any size.
  • E-Transfer as well as cash or cheque only; no credit cards accepted.